Why join the Health and Wellness Global Business Directory

Reach thousands of local consumers who are members on the Facebook group looking for health and wellness products and services, Health and Wellness business opportunities, expert healthcare advice, and holistic healthcare information 

You will be able to post on the Facebook group

Your profile on the directory will be easily searchable via keywords, categories and by using the search bar

Business and social profiles don’t mix well. Listing your business on a social platform like Facebook allows your prospects to view your personal friends, your family, your social posts, your jokes, and your shares. This is not very good if you want to portray a professional image. The Health and Wellness Global Business Directory offers a dedicated platform enables providers to portray this professional image

You will be able to state very clearly to your viewers where they can buy your products or services and how to pay for them

Your posts won’t get buried under other people’s posts. You will have your own dedicated profile page

Links to your website will remain permanent and easily accessible to your viewers*

* For Professional and Premium plans only

You will also be able to link back from your website to your profile on the directory, which will increase the SEO of your listing AND of your website.

For those who don’t have a website, having a dedicated page with all the essential details may be your only place to clearly and professionally promote your products/services.

Your personal and business details will always stay private and secured on our servers, until which time you decide to cancel your membership when your details will be permanently deleted. They will never be sold, shared or passed on to third parties.

Having your listing as part of a dedicated Health and Wellness platform has a cumulative effect with the other listings for Google’s search engine algorithm, as it does for human viewers who might have seen your product/service somewhere else.

Your business listing will be permanent, easily accessible and visible to all