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T. Quitto-Dickerson from Natural Mixx


The Natural Mixx Company is an organic and all-natural e-commerce blend of technology, commerce, and community. Committed to promoting the switch to Living Organically through technology and e-commerce (The Natural Mixx), education (Mix & Melt Studios), community (Organic Journey Network), and environmental justice.

And Energy Yoga - Sivananda yoga in St Paul's of Energy Yoga


High quality weekly Yoga classes previously in the City of London now online. Beginners to advanced welcome for all our live classes. While our teacher's trace their lineage to Sivananda Yoga, we also teach other forms of Hatha Yoga in the spirit of a tradition thousands of years old .

See their posts and more on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthandwellnessglobal/

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