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Marketing is there to sell and not inform

Do you read the labels?

Please turn the packaging around before you think about putting your favourite products in your trolley.

Marketing is there to attract you with the packaging and advertising to entice you to buy. Labels are often misleading and only giving you part of the picture. It’s about getting your attention to spend your money on their product. Red is the colour of power. It gets people’s attention and it holds it, which is why it’s the most popular colour for marketing.

So, turn the packaging around and check out the packaging for what is in the product. Even though ingredients lists may lack some transparency using umbrella names, it will give you more information when making your final decision for you and your loved ones.

There can be hidden chemicals, artificial additives, toxins in food packaging and other consumables that may have an effect on your weight and overall wellbeing.

It you are unsure of an ingredient you can download any of the apps called The Chemical Maze, Think Dirty and/or navigate our online shop.

Do you have the time to be checking the ingredients when your time poor and the kids are running amuck and tired?

What if I told you that, I have a better solution and a place to shop with transparency? A place where we search, review, and connect people to wellness. We also have an Expert Product Advisory Board who also has the final say. All the products are at recommended retail price or less.

Check out for yourself @globalultimatewellbeing

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