How to Maximise Your Visibility

Google’s search engine keeps changing its algorithm (set of rules) all the time, and it’s anyone’s guess how it will evolve in its function to index and find relevant information for its searching viewers. But a few things will always stand true and those include visibility, linking, content, authority and credibility amongst other elements. The bottom line of all this is, that it increases your opportunities and ultimately your sales.


Simply put, the more visible you are on the net, the more the search engines will consider your offering as relevant to the people who search for your offering. In other words, it’s best to have as many postings as possible of your product/service and in as many different places and platforms as possible; Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and posts, YouTube videos (since Google bought YouTube and have integrated their search engines), independent business directories, and so on.


Linking will always stand true. The more links there are from different places on the net that are relevant to people’s searches, the higher your website will rank. There are many criteria to page ranking, but one thing is for sure, linking or ‘back linking’ will always be critical.


Content of course is also essential for search engine optimisation. Once, Google’s algorithm looked for keywords that would make that content relevant to people’s searches. So website developers would do ‘keyword stuffing’ and artificially plant keywords into the text. Google’s engineers soon caught onto that and downgraded websites that did this underhand trick. Google’s algorithm has evolved a lot since then, and it keeps on evolving and getting better all the time.

They don’t reveal their algorithm and keep website developers guessing what set of rules are current. Content is regarded as a critical part of the ranking algorithm. It basically looks for the ‘human touch’ in the text. It is looking for ‘natural language’ used by the writer. It will quickly spot word stuffing and artificial language and without letting anyone know, will simply downgrade that website where that text is being published. So in short, write clearly and to the point, and as naturally as possible.


Authority is a concept that comes with content and language. The more relevant content you put out on the net, the more the search engines perceive you as an authority on your products or services, and will direct people to your offering/s. Google doesn’t only look for relevant content, but at the way the text or posts are written.


If you write with authority, as if you were an expert on the subject matter, Google will rank your text higher. The adage ‘Content is king’ is still relevant and will always be relevant.


And finally, all the above creates a more credible image in the eyes of the viewers, and in the processing rules of the search engines, and in effect, moves you up the ladder. The ‘human’ viewing ladder, and also the ‘machine’ relevance ladder. The bottom line of all this is, that it increases your opportunities and ultimately your sales.