How it works

All the members’ profiles are listed uniformly and to the highest standard. This puts your business offering in good stead for viewers to read and examine your offering, increasing your exposure and credibility. The purpose is to portray a professional business profile, not a confusing message of mixed social and business posts. There is no more clutter and noise. The directory is purely professional for business use only.

You will need to fill out a comprehensive form to upload your business details, and we will inspect it to make sure it is clear and up to the professional standard we want to portray.


  1. Select your membership level. Click here for more information

  2. Create and submit your listing   

  3. Pay and complete your registration


  • We will verify your details are clear and correct, your image displays nicely, and all the links work like they are supposed to.

  • If your payment was successful, your listing will be active (go live) immediately.

  • We will then pre-authorise you on our Facebook group so you can start posting unrestricted. This can take 24-48 hours.

  • You will be able to go back to your listing at any time to view, amend it or upgrade it.

  • There is no contract. As long as you are listed you will be able to freely post on the Facebook group and be linked to your Facebook profile and website (Professional & Premium plans only) and take advantage of the other features the membership plans offer. 

  • You can leave at any time. Just let us know. We will stop your subscription and delete all your records. For how we manage your information visit our Privacy page

  • All members who refer new members get a 20% discount on their monthly subscription. Just remember to tell your friend to include your name in the sign up listing. We will then advise you this has been verified and your discount applied.