Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join?

The Health & Wellness Global Business Directory is unique and the only one of its kind that lista the largest number of categories to choose from. The list of categories is ever-growing and dedicated to the health and wellness industry. It standardises your listing in a very professional manner and stands it apart from other social media platforms that mix private, social and business listings. B2B business providers can also add their listings here and benefit from all the features being listed on this directory has to offer. Depending on the plan you choose you will be able to add posts, events, link to your Facebook profile and website, link to your social media accounts, upload images, upload videos, publish articles and more. It also allows you to post on the Health & Wellness Global Business Directory facebook group. We also offer a variety of services to help promote your business, from posts, to preferential listing positions, video listings, and more. The directory is available and viewed by people from the entire world. To see more reasons why you should join click here To learn what the different plans offer click here

Which membership plan is right for me?

We have three membership plans: Basic, Professional and Premium. To decide which is best for you, click here to see membership levels explained

Do I need to pay in advance?

No. Membership plans are paid on a weekly subscription basis and charged monthly. As long as the payments are made, your listing is live, and you can keep posting on the facebook group. There is no contract. You can stop at any time, and start at any time.

Is there a contract?

No. There is no contract. Either you are subscribed and listed, or you are not.

How do I join?

For a full explanation click here

Browse the plan options here and then select the one you want. This will take you to a form to upload all your business details.

Once you finish uploading your details, you will be directed to a PayPal page to submit your payment.

Once payment is made, you will get a confirmation email and your listing goes live immediately.

Where and how is my information stored?

We take pride in how securely we store your information and how tightly we control it.

All your details are stored on our secure servers which are dedicated to the directory. We will never sell, share or divulge any part of a member’s information with any party, except the details the member chooses to advertise through their listing.

If a member cancels their membership, their information will be permanently deleted off our databases. For more information see our Privacy Policy

If you decide to stop your subscription at any time, your listing will be termporarily suspended and you will be notified of this and asked if this was intended or done by accident. If we get confirmation from you that it was intended, we will permanently delete all your details off our database. If it was done by accident, you will be able to re-subscribe and your listing will be un-suspended.

Is the directory only for local businesses like in the UK or US?

The Health & Wellness Global Business Directory is global. It is NOT localised to the UK, US or any other country. People can use the platform to either advertise for their local area if they wish or to the whole widel world if your business is relevant to a global audience.

The directory is an online service serving any health or wellness business where ever they are in the world.

The Health & Wellness Business Global Directory is administered in the UK and the membership fees are quoted and paid in Pound Sterling, but the Health & Wellness Business Global Directory serves the international global presence of practitioners, trainers and businesses providers.

Can I join if I am not a member of the Facebook group?

Absolutely. You do not have to be a member if you are not on the Facebook group, and vice versa, you can be a member on the Facebook group without being a member of the directory.

But to post on the facebook group you do need to be a member of the directory.

If you are a member on the Facebook group AND a member on the directory, you could direct people from your Facebook posts to your directory listing, which will help your ranking.

If I have more than one business, can I list them on the directory under the same profile?

Yes you can. As a business owner you will be able to list as many businesses as you like under the same profile. You will not have to have separate profiles for each business listing.

Can I edit my directory entry once it is added?

Yes you can. You will be able to go into your profile at any time and make changes to your listing, add posts, change links, and depending on your plan also add image, videos, events, articles and more...

Go to My Account to make any changes you like

How should I choose my categories?

Categories help visitors of the directory find services within a particular field. Our categories are very specific and niche. We therefore suggest you choose your categories very carefully in order to better direct viewers and Google's searches to your business. As a guidance, we suggest you choose the categories that best describe your business. Your categories are both visible on your profile and searchable in the directory.

Of course, if you want to make sure the searches maximise the number of results for your business, in other words, the number of people finding your business, you should consider the Professional or Premium packages which offer more categories for you to choose from and associate with your business.

You may wish to have more categories for your listing. You can buy extra categories for £0.30 per week extra above the amount allocated for your chosen plan.

How can I check and resize my logo and images?

Your logo and images need to be within certain size limits in order display correctly on the directory. Your logo must be no more than 250 pixels wide. And your image/s can be no more than 400 pixels wide. To check the dimensions of your images, right click on them and choose 'open with...', choose the Paint program. This is a simple program on your computer that allows you to manipulate your image, including to resize it. Make sure to choose the Pixels option, not the percentage. Then resize to 250 horizontal for your logo, or 400 for your images. If you do not submit the correct sized images, we will need to do this, and this may distort it and will be shown not as you intended it to be.

What is the Prioriy Listing in the Premium plan mean?

Members who take out a Permium plan are deamed as being very serious about their listing. As such they will get priority listing and always appear on top of the Professional and Basic listings.

Why can I not see the weekly transactions in my bank account?

We charge the weekly fee on a monthly basis. This reduces PayPal transaction fees both for you and for us. It is the same amount of money, just charged on a monthly basis.

Why is the monthly charge not equal to 4x the weekly charge?

The monthly calendar is not exactly four weeks. It is four week plus a few days, depending on the month. The monthly charge is worked out by taking the weekly charge, multiplying it by 52 weeks per year, and then dividing by 12 months. PayPal fees are added to this which works out considerably less than if we chaged on a weekly basis.

Why can't I see the event I added?

Events is a Premium Plan feature. You will need to upgrade to the Premium Plan if you wish to have your events listed.

I have just become a Premium Plan member. How do I upload my videoos to your YouTube channel?

Open WeTransfer and then send them to We will then upload them to our channel.

The payment process got disrupted and after submitting my listing I did not complete payment.

It is possible that when you got to the PayPal site you were asked to accept cookies, and by not accepting it prevented you from proceeding to payment. It could also be that you unintentially clicked away from the page and disrupted the payment process. If you uploaded your business details and you submitted your listing, but didn't actually subscribe to a payment plan, then you DO NOT need to re-submit your listing. Just click here If you still need help, contact us here and we will help you complete payment.

Unable to log in or add a listing on my Apple device

The app has known issues with certain browsers and platforms like , Safari, Chrome Canary, and Chrome on Mobile. This has to do with the way these browsers deal with cookies and are preventing the application from working properly. Safari users - go to your iPad or iPhone settings, scroll down to find the Safari app and click on it, then from the options on the right find Block Pop-ups and turn the switch to Off, then scroll down to Block All Cookies and switch it Off. Then go back and to Safari and start again. Chrome users - open Chrome the app (not through the general settings), then click on the three menu dots on the top right hand corner, click on Settings, then scroll down and click on Content Settings and enable Block Pop-Ups to On. Then go back to Chrome and start again. Firefox users - open Firefox, click on the three menu horizonal lines on top right hand corner, click on Settings, switch off Block Pop-up Windows, then scroll and click on Data Management and make sure Cookies are Off. The directory is viewable on all devices and platforms.

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