My name is Simon and am the founder of the Health and Wellness Global Business Directory. 

My interest in health and wellness started when I was studying Pharmacology in university about thirty years ago. As much as I was interested in how medicines and drugs worked, I had a natural curiosity about natural remedies, herbs, plants and also alternative medicine therapies like yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and other therapies. 

Founder of Health and Wellness Global Business Directory

In 2015 I decided to open the Facebook group - Health and Wellness Business Directory and confined it to London. But when I saw the huge number of members joining, I widened it to the whole of the UK. Members were joining from all over the country and also from other countries, so I opened it up to the world. This was, and still is, the height of the Health and Wellness Revolution, and all I was doing was giving people a platform to promote their business. Members were thanking me for allowing to post their business because other groups wouldn't allow them. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to give health and wellness practitioners and business owners a platform to advertise their products or services. 

Thousands of people joined the group and within a couple of years needed to moderate the group. 

With everything that was posted, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to create a platform outside of Facebook, that would list and catalogue all the businesses, and provide a full professional profile showcasing business owners businesses. So I started working on creating a directory. My vision for the directory was that it would hold ALL the information about the person's business, in all formats i.e. text, images and video, and that it would be only about the business, not mixed with private comments and links to friends as on other social platforms.


After a lot of work the directory was launched in February 2020 and is provided at a minimal cost to make it affordable to everyone. So far we get only positive feedback but we carry on working and evolving the directory to the needs of the users. Our latest improvement includes integrating embedded video clips on profiles as well as offering a free 'Showcase Your Business' video clip that is done with the business owner to really help improve their online presence and create a real life business card.   

How the directory was born

​The idea to set up a Health & Wellness Business Directory came about as a natural extension to the Facebook group called by the same name. ​It meets the need to have a dedicated platform, to enable health and wellness practitioners to clearly and professionally list their business, independently of any other social or business networking platform.

The Health and Wellness industry is a multi-trillion-dollar industry and it is growing exponentially by the day. More and more people want to live a healthier, better and more meaningful life. ​This directory is to bring together those looking these services and those offering them.

How the Health and Wellness Global business directory was born
Difference between facebook and Health and Wellness Business Directory

​Facebook is primarily a social network. It is not a business networking platform, although many people try to use it for that purpose. Consequently, your Facebook ‘business’ friends get mixed up with your ‘real’ friends. Not only do the friends get mixed up, but also the posts get mixed up, some being social or private, and some being business related.

​People interested in your business may not be sure how to take you. They will see your private photos and postings which may turn them off your offering. Viewers of your business are unclear if your address is your business address or your private address. In short, Facebook is not standardised and specialised enough as a platform for business. 

​The need for an independent platform from Facebook, an online directory dedicated only to the Health and Wellness industry, was real, but a solution did not exist.

As the joining rate started to increase dramatically, we started asking members at the joining phase if they would like to get more public and take advantage of an online directory dedicated to the Health and Wellness industry. The overall replies were overwhelmingly ‘YES – we can’t wait’. 

At the same time members of the group that were not serious, or used the group for other purposes other than for promoting health and wellness products or services were diluting the essence of the group and needed constant moderation to mute or delete them. With the number of members growing so rapidly, this was taking more and more time and we eventually came to the conclusion that posting on the group needed to be a paid service. Not only to weed out the non serious members, but also to pay for the administrative costs. In return, we wanted to make it not only beneficial for those members, but also give something back and make it really worth while. So the paying members will not only be able to post on the Facebook page, but also get listed on the directory. Two for the price of one!

​So, the way forward to help the Facebook group members was very clear. We needed to set up a dedicated platform, an online global health and wellness directory, that would list their products or services very clearly and professionally, to meet this unmet need.


And so, the Health & Wellness Global Business Directory was born.

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